A History of OARS

Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems and its ouroboric logo were conceived on a sojourn from central Pennsylvania to Boston just before I moved to a hillside farm in West Virginia in late 1978. While at times I have managed to interest friends, family, helpers, employees, associates, students and teachers in participating in these efforts, OARS' history is largely my own.

ACT 79 Conference in Washington DC, presenting the OARS approachOmega-Alpha Recycling Systems' coming out occurred at the ACT '79 conference and roadshow in Washington, DC. Here, with the help of Alex Fazio, a fellow Peace Corps-Nepal Volunteer, I presented an overview of OARS' approach Scale model of the Draco 1 system installed in West Virginiaand a scale model of the Draco I system to be installed in West Virginia during the next spring and summer.






I include my curriculum vitae and resume which delineate most of my efforts in academia, grantsmanship, entrepreneurship, construction, non-profit activities, and travel. Nearly all of this has been done to further the cause of sustainability and in hopes of mitigating some of the problems my sons and all others will be facing as we make the great transition from the profligate fossil fuel age.


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