OARS Tire Re-use Services TRUS dedicated to the long term beneficial use of tire material.

Tire re-use Services [TruS, as in “truce”] is dedicated to the long-term beneficial use of material and energy resources embodied in used tires.  TruS seeks to re-utilize used tires with a minimum of material reprocessing.  So as to minimize additional expense for transporting used tires, TruS advocates a decentralized approach to this very decentralized problem.  Once TruS’ equipment is installed on a large pickup truck mobile tire processing equipment can be moved easily from one collection-construction site to another. 

      The tire-tread derived products featured here were constructed using TruS’ patented radial-tire-tread cutting machine and weaving stand pictured herewith.  Additional equipment, for example, a sidewall cutter, a loom, a pneumatic riveter, etc. can be developed which will significantly ease nearly all aspects of developing construction techniques utilizing used-tire-derived materials.

      There is a need for long-term monitoring of soil and water to determine if there is any leaching of tire materials into the soil.  A preliminary literature review indicates that leaching of heavy metals and other chemicals from these minimally reprocessed materials will very likely be insignificant -- although acid rain might have some effect.  Indeed, it is anticipated that these structures would be certifiable under the most strict of organic specifications.

      Experience to date and reasonable extrapolation indicate that the total capital investment required for a complete TruS processing system would likely be around $50,000 in addition to a heavy-duty pickup truck.  With this equipment, a crew of three or more could be gainfully employed in simultaneously mitigating the used-tire problem and producing a broad range of landscaping products.  These products would ease some of the toil of gardening and farming; provide a unified foundation of great assistance in maintaining driveways and hill-side paths; and provide very long-term help in controlling the erosion of topsoil and other organic resources.



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